"Cloverfield" Effects Guy Speaks!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Ken Tarallo speaks up on his official forums.
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Thanks to HetMasteen from the Unfiction Forums for finding this and letting us know in the #slusho IRC channel (server: irc.chat-solutions.org:667). He was approved for his membership at the Tarallo forums and found this little bit posted in one of the threads there:

First post: July 8th.
user clownnation: I just saw the “cloverfield” teaser when i went and saw Transformers. All I can say Ken, is WHOA! Its amazing how that teaser hooked me and I have no idea what the movie is about, who ever put that teaser together is brilliant! There is a HUGE internet buzz about it now!

user fxdude (Ken):Yes it will be interesting.. did you see the Statue Of Liberty head fly down the street?, we shot all that at Paramounts backlot, New York Street, most people think we are shooting it with a handy cam, but NO we are using the state of the art DVD Panavision camera. Also the press is stating that it is shooting now in New York… WRONG AGAIN media people ..

user doghead76: hehe…they thought statue of liberty…that’s New York. isn’t it fun though, when you can keep on fooling people that way? I mean…that’s just another shade of movie magic, don’t you think?

user clownnation: Yes I did see the Statue of Liberty’s head. That wasnt CG? It really does look like a handy cam, GREAT EFFECTS! I usually dont like trailers these days, they give away the entire movie, but this trailer told me very little and hooked me right in!

user fxdude (Ken): Some of it was CG the rest mechanical, as the head hits the ground we yanked the cars out of the way shook the buildings, broke the glass, created sparks, anything the CG item hits we have to destroy. a lot of work.. “Godzilla meets Escape from New York”

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