Another site gets linked to "Cloverfield"

Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Everything isn't something folks.
I was given this site amidst the question : Is this another clue?
This seems to be just another person trying to cash in on "Cloverfield", but who knows?
I'm sure this site will drive the internet detectives crackers.

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Hugh Bris said...

Is it real, clearly. It's there ain't it.

Is it real "Cleverfield", clearly no.

It's the soon to come page/blog of some web designer named Rick Howard.

Cool music though.

Anonymous said...

Muse is a british rock band.

They have an album coming out then.

That's all.

Rick Howard said...

That would be my site. I am expecting my first born in January 2008.

Not quite cashing in since I get no money, but definitely having fun with it anyway.

Thanks for noticing :)