Blogathon Post #1 - Urban Legends: Impaled?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Another Blogathon is here, and I'm ready to rumble!
This year my theme is : Urban Legends.
I'm going to post an urban legend, and you have to guess (in comments) whether it's true or false.
I'll post the answer in the next post.
Having to post every 30 minutes is going to drive me batty, but it's worth it for a good cause.

Thanks to for providing the goodie bag of weirdness.

Urban Legend #1 : Did a woman really impale herself on a gearshift after being given an aphrodisiac?

Legend:   After a young man slips his date an aphrodisiac and leaves her alone in the car, he returns to find that she has impaled herself on the stick shift handle in a sexual frenzy.

True or False?
Leave your answer in the comments.

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Imperfect Christian said...

I could look at Snopes, but I'll guess:

Totally true...right?!?!