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Friday, July 20, 2007

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A little snippet from The Gossip Rag that fails to mention that there are many sites that still do have the photos.
Ken Tarallo needs to look into stop blaming others for his own stupidity.
If he'd done a little basic fixed asset accounting he would have realized that he wrote a check that his ass simply couldn't cover.
Why is he so terribly shocked that he got fired?

from : The Gossip Rag

Cloverfield Special Effects Specialist Ken Tarallo receives C&D

A few days ago we reported that special effects specialist Ken Tarallo stated on his private forum that the name of the Cloverfield movie would be revealed later this month at Comic Con. Ken also happened to post several pictures of the Cloverfield set on his forum. It turns out that the Paramount lawyers forced Ken to remove the pictures from his forum and are scrubbing the rest of the net demanding that webmasters remove the images as well.

Fortunately, is still hosting the pictures if you are interested in checking them out.

Also, thanks to Monty Food for this information.

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