"Cloverfield" Is It True? - Comments Please!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

The latest slice of rumor sliding down the pipe is this :

"Cloverfield opens with a crew cleaning up after the shit hits the fan, and somebody stumbles upon a camera.
They press play and the playback is how the rest of the film unfolds."

I'm now even more intrigued.
This is a completely unconfirmed rumor that is being stated as fact by another site that took the information from an undisclosed source.
There's also a problem with this rumor :
It's rumored that several cast members were given video cameras.
Why would the filmmakers be giving several cast members cameras if they were only going to use footage from one camera?
I'm calling shenanigans on this one, but who knows?

Please feel free to comment about this latest piece of info.

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