Blogathon Post #18 - Urban Legends: Anti-Semite Sneakers

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Previously :
Claim:   Pull tabs from aluminum cans have special redemption value for time on dialysis machines.

Answer :

And now ...

Urban Legend #18 :
Claim:   Soles of Vans shoes are adorned with the Star of David so that wearers will "stomp on Jews."

True or False?
Leave your answer in the comments.

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Imperfect Christian said...

I really hope that's false...that would just be not right.

From Your Monitor: CJ

Glo Paint said...

False. I own two pairs of Vans and have never seen the star pattern in question!

I am out for the night, having just completed my 24, but wanted to stop in and wish you luck on the rest of your 'thon! This is a fun and interesting premise, and I hope other people get just as hooked as I was.

Much love!