"Project Cloverfield" Site Loses It's Photos

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear Constant Readers,

The cease and desist orders are flying like the head of The Statue Of Liberty :

Story From : "Project Cloverfield"
Permanent Link to 1-18-08 Set Photos Have Been Removed
Posted on July 16th, 2007 at 10:08 am

As you may or may not have heard, Ken Tarallo announced ever-so subtly that he was fired from the “show.” (source for the “show”) If you were recently fired, would you be that nice? Regardless, I am very skeptical about his being “fired.” I personally feel like he is trying to guilt trip people into feeling remorse, but unfortunately I am not falling for that.

Since posting ‘Pictures of the 1-18-08 Set’ I received a couple of comments from FXdude, which I assumed to be Ken. The first comment was “you stealing my pictures is a crime. that is why I took everything down.” Yeah yeah, we all know about copyright dude. The next comment from him was “the rules of the forum state no pictures can be used without permission. and yes I own the pictures. I know many people want to learn more about this Movie, but we have rules and contracts that we sign, I would love to show you all of them and maybe when I get permission you will see them, until then I had to take down the pictures. enjoy what you have..”

How convenient that the “rules” were added AFTER this. Looks like he’s already aware that he’s posting pictures illegally, since he says “maybe when I get permission.”

Despite the fact that he ignored my request to PERSONALLY email me (to prove his identity), I took it upon myself to email the address being used in frightstuff’s whois. I then received a phone call (Dude needs to get better service, he didn’t have two consecutive seconds where I could understand him) and then received an email shortly after.

This email left me appalled and in disgust. Guess who he blames? HIS FANS: “I run a forum for the fans of movies, and now those fans cost me a lot…” Apparently other information we provided, he is vehemently trying to disprove it’s existence. “I have seen mentions of me saying things online which are madeup to spread info..”

No doubt he’ll try to disprove what I quoted him saying in this post, but hey, that’s not my problem.

Slash Film recently blogged with the photos from here. So far that is the only entry I’ve found so far that has them up still. Cloverfield-Movie.com has yet to remove them, but I’m about to send them an email to let them know to remove it.

Edit: As of 1:27PM CST, I received an email from Paramount (copyright-compliance.com) in regards to the images. Despite having removed them from the entry, they are now listing the actual directory they are being stored at. So, I am complying. Just letting those other people that have this photos up, to remove them to save hassle with having to deal with this.

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