Blogathon Post #19 - Barbara Mikkelson Apparently Has Something Against Charity

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Barbara Mikkelson (from is apparently angry that my tiny site is taking snippets from her giant site in my Blogathon posts to raise funds for "Doctors Without Borders".
My site has sent plenty of traffic her way, and what little scraplets I've taken have brought me very little traffic.
I have taken no more than 4 lines from each of the pages that I'm using to research these legends, but apparently that's far too much.
What's funny is that these posts will be buried by many other posts, and forgotten so quickly that they are almost irrelevant.
I'm blogging for a charity, and not for my own personal gain.
Are you imagining that I'm getting wealthy somehow from using the sparsest of quotes from your site?
Are you really that stupid?
You want to do some good Barbara?
Help a charity instead of sitting behind your computer, and moaning about some little blog using your table scraps.

To those following the legends :
I'll continue with the legends on my NEXT post :)

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Glo Paint said...

It's not like you're claiming these for yourself. You've got your source cited.

I hope Barbara realizes this and becomes happy that her site is helping cause some good.

(Okay, bed now, really.)