AICN & "Cloverfield"

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

AICN needs to stop implicating themselves in feeding us news on JJ Abrams mystery flick.
”Moriarty” and friends are well know for stealing information and then posting it as their own information.
"Moriarty" has written another self-congratulatory article regarding how important AICN has been in giving us information.
Here it is with my thoughts in bold :

Wanna Know A Little More About CLOVERFIELD?! Like, Say, Who’s Directing It?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here.

It’s funny... I’m getting letters now from other webmasters saying that they’re getting yelled at for publishing anything about this film. Yet so far, I haven’t heard one word back from Bad Robot or Paramount, and we’re the one place these stories have been breaking.

Um no. I've found information about "Cloverfield" from every other site long before yours. It's not until this information appears on other sites that it magically makes it's way to yours.

We were the ones who first told you that it’s a giant monster movie featuring something that’s being called “The Parasite” at the moment. We’re the ones who told you that Drew Godard is writing the film. We brought you the first descriptions of the teaser trailer that will be attached to the prints of TRANSFORMERS everyone will be seeing next week.

Wrong again. IMDB had this information long before you did.

And now... now we can tell you who is directing the film. It’s amazing to me how secretive this one is. Personally, I think it sounds great, and all the stuff I’ve heard about the script and the designs for the monster and the work they’ve been doing on the Paramount lot and over at the offices on Cloverfield (the reason for the fake title, no doubt) makes me think this is going to be one groovy movie.

And when he says "all the stuff I've heard about the script and the designs for the monster"? what he really means is "I'm talking from out my ass because it's hard stealing information from other sites and I really am trying to make myself sound more important than I really am"

I'm not going to re-print the rest of the article because anybody with half a brain knows that AICN will outright lie about their information.
If AICN is where you're going to get your information then you've gone completely braindead, and need to unplug your computer.

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