Blogathon Post #44 - Urban Legends: Trippin' On The Telephone

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Previously :
Scam:   Identity thieves trick the unwary into revealing their personal details by telling them they've failed to report for jury duty and warrants for their arrest are being issued.

Answer :

And now ...

Urban Legend #43 :
Claim:   Gang members all over the country are spreading a deadly mixture of LSD and strychnine on pay phone buttons.

True or False?
Leave your answer in the comments.

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Chris said...

Hmmm...True! :D

YeePei said...

Uhmm... False.

Or I can say "true! my friend's friend's cousin's aunt's uncle's ex-wife's mom was affected"

Actually... I don't know the answer.

Sarah said...

Ack! That's gotta be FALSE.

Imperfect Christian said...

True. No. False. NO! True. Na. False. Oh my, I don't know.