A Whole Pile Of New "Slusho"/"Cloverifeld" News

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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This really is a mountain of information that you'll find quite enlightening.
This is from The Four Guys Podcast :

Slusho, Cloverfield, Noriko Yoshida and Set Photos are removed.

Beast One thing I am sure is these film producers and their assistants have a lot of time on their hands or we are going crazy. There are connections within connections that seem to spring up out of our collective imaginations without reason. Is it our dark deep desire to find the links and an answer to this game or is there something more? Are there actual puzzle pieces waiting on the net just for us to discover as J.J. Abrams hinted? I have never been a part of or experienced viral marketing (as it is called) on this level so I am pretty new with this…but its a wild ride.

The Noriko Yoshida mentioned on the Slusho.jp site (could this be a common name in Japan?) is in reality a screenwriter as stated in IMDB. According to the site she is either missing or dead and her surviving son Ganu Yoshida took over the operation. I am assuming that she is missing based on this statement on the site.

“But tragedy struck for the Smallest Whale! Noriko set off on a sea adventure to find the greatest, most tastiest ingredient to the world, and was never heard from again!”

We all know this though, but what a few intrepid investigators may not know is that a site called Scramble Network reports that a few days ago a Matisse painting was posted on what some believe is Noriko Yoshida’s web page at Kobe University.

The title of the painting can be translated as “The Beasts of the Sea.” Now add that to what we already know about the Slusho site and we get some very interesting connections here. The Slusho.jp often talks of deep sea creatures, discoveries underwater and well more water stuff…so there is a connection…a small one but a connection that we can see. Do we have anymore information then before? A little. Keep digging.

Some set photos from the film have just appeared online within the last two days at least. No one is really sure if they are real or they come from a source inside the project. One thing is for sure, Paramount is pissed, the supposed poster of the pictures is pissed and many bloggers are pissed cause they have to take them down.

The photos supposedly originated from frightstuff.com and are the property of Ken Tarallo, who is reported to be the special effects supervisor for the “Cloverfield Project.” It is also is being reported that he was fired for releasing the photos. So in my eyes that legitimizes the photos but with all this going on who knows…who knows.

We have the photos in our server and we were contemplating putting them up because…well who would tell on us…we only have about 5 readers. We might decide to put them up when things die down a bit and we get more information on the photos as a whole. The one that really interested me was a picture of a woman in a cast mold and the final product of the mold….covered in green slime. (Green Slime?) …all I have to say is this…”The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them, They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.”

Rough Translation Of Norika's School Bio :


Visual cultural theory
Noriko Yoshida
(ヨシダ ノリコ)
Today they are the times when image and image are inundated in the everywhere including announcement and the television & video. These visual images seem that produces effect on our point of view and method of thinking on the unwittingly inside, but it probably is to be possible to be the け where we accept those to non criticism simply and are? There is a academic field, western history of arts as one of the expedient which elucidates the function of image. If the person who like to look at the picture, it is, the person whom you think that there are no fine arts how many interests, it is, probably will be. As for me we would like to convey through class, as for the picture it is not something which is appealed to the feeling of the person who is seen simply due to color and shape, it means the way of politics and society and culture of the times when you produce that having deep relationship. With class, the visual image which centers the picture of 19 - 20 centuries mainly in the material, formation and development and オリエ ンタリズム of western modern times, we would like to keep thinking of the relation with the different culture such as ジャポニスム and プリミティヴィスム.

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