AICN & "Cloverifled" Part 2: Moriarty Does Damage Control

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Looks like someone at AICN has seen what I've written here and has decided to defend themselves with this nonsense : RUMOR CONTROL! Let’s Talk About CLOVERFIELD/SLUSHO/1-18-08!

Did they honestly think I was going to let them get away with this?
Silly Moriarty!

Let's go through the article that "Moriarty posted today, and educate this asshat shall we?
My response to this clown will be in bold :


Moriarty Writes :

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here.

If we’re going to talk rumors about INDY 4 this morning, we’ve definitely got to spend a little time talking about CLOVERFIELD.

Now, before you say, “well, how do we know you know anything?!”, let’s take a look back at the first mention of the film here on the site. On June 21st, before the first screening of TRANSFORMERS with the trailer attached, before anyone outside of Paramount had mentioned word one about the film anywhere, we broke the entire story here on the site. Check it out for yourself.

I respond :

Um no.
Talk of this movie was spreading before AICN said a single word about it.
Attaching yourself to the coattails, and then screaming "We were here first" is something that you AICN fuckers are experts at. You've been caught many times doing this.
Well now you're going to be called on it.

Moriarty Writes :

When I wrote that story, I didn’t realize that Abrams was going to be pursuing a sort of veil of complete secrecy around the film, and I didn’t know he’d be creating a game leading up to the release. I actually feel bad that we sort of spelled it out as completely as we did. The one thing that he should be happy about is that no one really knew what the hell CLOVERFIELD was, so they didn’t read the article when I ran it. It certainly didn’t set the world on fire until people saw the trailer themselves, at which point we got flooded with e-mails asking, “What is that trailer? Why don’t you know anything about it yet?”

I respond :

If you claim to have covered this film before the trailer hit theaters then why would your own readers be asking "Why don't you know anything about it yet?".
You could at least get your facts straight if you're going to outright lie.

Moriarty Writes :

Well, 90% of everything that’s out there now came from one source, guys. Me. I broke the following facts about CLOVERFIELD exclusively: The title being a cover. It being a giant monster movie shot as if from a hand-held video camera. The low budget on the movie. The fact that Drew Goddard is writing it, and that Matt Reeves is directing it. The fact that the creature is nicknamed “the Parasite” by those working on the film. I described the trailer beat-for-beat before anyone outside the studio had seen it.

I respond :

Once again ... no.
The web was abuzz with discussion about "Cloverfield" before you wrote (stole) one word about it on your site.
This is provable fact.

Moriarty Writes :

And yet nobody is citing us as the source of that information. Check out this asshole. And, yes, I just called you an asshole, Kirk Montgomery, because you’ve passed off other people’s work of the last two weeks as some sort of exclusive on your part. You didn’t learn anything “exclusively,” since everything in your article is regurgitated from other sources. You’re not the first person to simply re-run the information we broke about the movie in the past ten days, but you make it sound in your article like no one else anywhere has already written about the viral marketing sites or the way it’s being shot or the budget. There’s not a single piece of new reportage in your piece, and the way you try to make it sound like you somehow broke this wide open makes you... well... an asshole.

I respond :

People who live in glass houses Moriarty.
Knowles was criticized in a series of articles in Film Threat magazine, which accused him of unethical practices as a journalist. The articles focused on an article Knowles posted in 1999, praising a screenplay co-written by Drew McWeeny, without mentioning that McWeeny was a regular contributor to Knowles' website, writing under the pseudonym "Moriarty."

Another controversy arose in early 2000 when Knowles posted materials stolen from an ABC staffer's home computer, which Knowles took at face value to be the Oscar nominees for the Academy Awards—a day before the official announcement. When the actual nominees were announced the following day, it was discovered that his finalists in almost every category were incorrect. Knowles acknowledged his error when it became clear he was wrong, but then disclosed the IP address of the person whose computer had been hacked, compounding the error. The Academy considered suing Knowles for trademark and copyright infringement, but ultimately decided against it.

Your lies, and participation in illegal activities have already caught up with you guys.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, it's like the old days of The Facer, when someone called out AICN's bullshit on a regular basis. Good to see the spirit is still alive. Still, would be better with some animated Moriarty fart jokes.