Yet Another "Cloverfield" Update - Rather Detailed!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Some people may be reading too much into every little detail.

Field of Clovers…
Posted by Felix Vasquez Jr. in Writer's Corner, "Cloverfield" Investigation at 1:47 PM PDT

  • The new finding is that Wolfmother’s “Joker and the Third” is playing in the background of the teaser, which has a line about “Field of Clovers,” and has art on the inside of a giant lizard/iguana. Seems like potential clues, and is lending some credence to the Godzilla re-invention theory. Also, ‘Wolfmother’. “The latin origin “Madrevius di lupovius” means, “children born of the beast will steal the shadow of the forest and chase the stars from the night.”

  • Many continue to theorize that this is a tie-in to “Lost,” since “Lost” premieres a few weeks after the alleged premiere date. No one is still sure if 1-18-08 is the actual premiere date just yet, and if it happens to be a teaser for “Lost,” then I have another reason to watch this series. But then perhaps it’s just apart of the universe.

  • Another variation on the line the character screams: “I saw it in the light, it’s huge!” along with “It’s a Lion! It’s huge,” and “It’s Alive! It’s Huge!” Whatever it is, it’s huge.

  • Red Herring, clue, one of the hidden sites, or a fan site cashing in? You decide.

  • Another possible clue? Norika Yoshida the artist may be connected to Norika Yoshida from Also, there’s an alleged painting named “The Beasts of the Sea.” Seems like another random link, but we’re just providing you with possibilities here.

  • The mystery ingredient that was harvest from the bottom of the sea is used on the slusho, and releases giant parasitic monsters that destroy New York? Possible…

  • AKM can be spotted in the apartment in the trailer.

  • 63 degrees is also shown during the News 1 broadcast. Clue?

  • Arthur
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    VH1 is so fucking clueless. Check out their thoughts on this film here : J.J. Abrams Has Everyone Guessing Again With Mysterious Movie Trailer


    Anonymous said...

    Hello, I was searching the net for clues about "Cloverfield". Here is little help if any. First I went to Wikipedia ( and yes I do know it is unreliable )so here me out. I went to and found the Main Characters name in the History section. I typed in Ryouta Yoshida. Got something to do with METAl HEROES the creator is from Hanshu, which is also apart of the the Slusho story.
    You should also look/type in:
    3) From the beginning I felt this has something to do with Power Rangers. Sounds corny you can't just drink six!!!