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Saturday, July 14, 2007

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Semidi posted another great article at their blog, and here it is :

Slusho: Is “Bloop” A New Clue?

Haynes, writing about the Cloverfield viral marketing campaign, instructed her readers to follow four steps to learn more about the campaign. Here’s step #3:

3- Google “bloop”

It’s a campaign that crosses many sites about a physical phenomenon. They even have a fake news story embedded into

I googled “bloop” and found the CNN story about the mysterious “bloop” sound dated June 13th, 2002 — the story doesn’t appear to be fake, as Haynes believed. There was also a story at Australia’s The Age about it, with the same date. I also found an entry at Wikipedia for the phenomenon which mentioned a tie to (drum roll) H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos:

The site of the Bloop is remarkably close to the site of the fictional city of R’lyeh from H. P. Lovecraft’s short story “The Call of Cthulhu”, where an ancient undersea monster (Cthulhu) lies sleeping. Lovecraft said that R’lyeh is located at 47°9′S, 123°43′W in the southern Pacific Ocean, with the bloop also being targeted somewhere in that range.

The Wikipedia entry led me to, which in turn led me to this nifty YouTube video called “Cthulhu Meditation.” The video plays the bloop sound, which sounds very much like the monster’s roar from the 1-18-08 trailer.
Listen to the Cthulhu Meditation video from 5:36 to 5:24, then listen the monster’s roar, which interrupts the Wolf Mother song in the trailer.
One last thing: I have twice left a comment on Haynes’ blog asking where she encountered the bloop phenomenon in connection to this movie, as her’s was the first reference I have found; both times my comment has been deleted.

To sum up: A mysterious sound believed to be made by a creature larger than the largest-known animal on Earth was discovered by scientists in 1997 in the vicinity of H.P Lovecraft’s R’yleh. The sound matches that made by the monster in the Cloverfield trailer. This is more evidence supporting the Cthulhu angle.

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cogitosam said...

Bravo. Correct. It's Cthulhu.

God I hope these film makers are skilled enough to do this right.

wewerethecoolkids said...

It's not "Cluthtuahhoohoo".