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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

In case you haven't seen the most recent updates on just what the JJ Abrams is up to :

o The puzzle over at may be interesting, but it appears to not be connected to the movie. This is according to JJ Abrams himself.
So then how the Hell did everyone make the connection? Or is Mr. Abrams a big Hollywood douchebag?

o SLUSHO is actually what the movie is being filmed under currently. As far as things look it's not the official move title though. There's even a web site ( connected to the film. The word Slusho is a direct reference to an episode from ALIAS. Since 7-11 wouldn't let them use the name Slurpy they call the drink a Slusho.

o There's a good chance that we could be dealing with a sea monster?!? What the fuck?! A sea monster that walks on land and shoots fireballs? Alright then.

o This is NOT a Godzilla movie. Toho/Sony own the rights. Well that's kinda good right? Who the fuck wants another shitty Godzilla piece of shitty shittyness?

o The following sites are OFFICIAL sites (or so it seems) :

Okay so now it seems we're dealing with a sea monster?
I find it hard to believe that JJ Abrams would be producing an Oprah Winfrey bio-pic, but you never know?
Or do you?
I know lots of things.
Watching these theories roll around fucking rocks.

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