Breaking "Cloverfield" News?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Could this article have broken open what "Cloverfield" is really about?
Um no.
Clearly this person needs attention.
It's a worthwhile read, but it's just further speculation that's based entirely on rumor :

BREAKING: J.J. Abrams' 1.18.08 Mystery SOLVED!
If you, like the rest of moviegoers are scratching your heads and are indeed very excited for this title... then keep two things in mind:

b) May want to not build it up in your head.

As it turns out, the film is being shot as we speak... I'm in no way involved and I am in no way expected to keep a sealed lid about it, but people who know people... claim that based upon the production's paperwork, etc... they've figured it out.

Remember, this, while STRONG speculations, are still that. But you might be surprised to know that... What awaits you is none other than:

J.J. Abrams' RAMPAGE

So the questions remain, why the nifty marketing and mysterious angle? Well... if you know Rampage, you probably know why.

Since it is indeed a monster movie, that means your stars are not human, therefore the studio, in order to see it possibly being a watchable film, have to put a human angle in it. So we don't hurt our brains and we can actually feel attached to the story.

If you know Rampage, you know that as far as plot... you might as well have these humans running around with cameras and experience it through their point of view. "Hey, I f*cking shot that!"

If you know Rampage, then you know you are dealing with 4 or 3 monsters, usually and definitely a giant Gorilla (George) and a giant Lizard (Lizzie?) and most often the Werewolf (Ralph)... and they go around the city destroying building, eating power up and tossing shit at each other. They indeed, walk upon a CLOBBER field.

If you DON'T know Rampage, check out the Wiki.

As always, the film's website is:

Trailer is: @ apple trailers!

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