Uh ... Ow

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

I'm in a boatload of pain today because a lens popped from my glasses and fell into my eye. How much fun is that?
I went to the hospital and everything is peachy keen except I can't see all that well. Well duh right?
Anyhow I'm supposed to just let it heal on it's own and keep it clean but being partially blind really stinks up my (lack of) a love life.
On top of that I have to get new glasses. Even more fun! My seveal hundred dollar a day drug habit is gonna be blown way outta whack because of the cost of glasses but a guy's gotta see right?

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Tricia said...

Oh you poor guy! How are you managing to write your posts? Do you have your one lensed glasses on? LOL

Glad to hear that your eye wasn't injured - or well damaged anyway, you did say it had to heal so I guess there was some injury.

I just wanted to let you know i'm linking to you in my Thurs Thirteen since you wrote about my sites a while back.

Grrrr PPP is messing up all the blogs. Payperpost hasn't loaded properly since about 11 pm and now it's 3:50 am and it's still not loading. The ppp badges on the sites are not letting them load. Tricia's Musings wouldn't load at all,so I had to take the badge off, and most other people- you included- don't have sidebars now because the PPP banner isn't loading. If the code was html we wouldn't have this problem.

wewerethecoolkids said...

I'm managing by squinting lol. Can you pop me a link to the Thursday Thirteen or tell me what it's about? Or do I go to your blog for a link? You've lost me!

I haven't logged onto PPP all night so didn't see any of the problems but I hope they have them fixed.