Seeking Mister Fong - My 200th Post!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

A collection agency has called our house 16 times this week attempting to contact a T. Fong. Huh?
Apparently Mr. Fong owes a company $1425.00.
I attempted to tell them that I'm not the mysterious Mr. Fong but they don't believe me.
I recorded both calls that came today and present the transcripts where I finally lost it with these bastards :
Collector: We know this is you and we're going to keep ca-
Me: Asshole you keep calling here and I'll block your number and I'll keep blocking every ****ing number you ****sucker.
Collector: Why are you yelling at me?
Me: Do you understand that if you keep calling here I'm going to block the numbers?
Collector: Go right ahead [CLICK]
Nobody is going to try and harrass me and simply get away with it.
I called back :
Collector: Is this Mr. Fong?
Me: No you mother****** this is not ****ing Mr. Fong do you understand that if you keep ****ing calling here I'll keep ****ing blocking your ****ing number ... yes or no ... and if you hang up on me I'm going to keep ****ing calling back until you acknowledge that your ****ing number is going to be ****ing blocked
Collector: I understand
Me: Good [CLICK]
I then called the phone company and blocked whatever number of the week they are using to call me from

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