Oh Shut Up Lisa Rein

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Lisa Rein said something so unimaginably stupid on her blog that I swear my friggen head is about to explode.
from her January 1st posting :

January 01, 2007
It's A New Year

And if we're not careful, 2007 will be the equivalent of a "same shit different day" kinda year for this country.

So let's make sure we do a couple important things:

We need to put pressure on the Dems to BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!
Pardon me?
The Republicans make the most heinous mistakes and tell the most outrageous lies to send people into war and now the Democrats have to clean up?
I don't belong to any political party nor do I care about politics but this just incensed me beyond belief.
Lisa Rein clearly needs to keep her nose out of commenting on something about which she very obviously has no clue.
The people who lied to go to war need to be the ones to take responsibility for their actions period.

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