Mia Farrow Gets Creepy

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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We all know that anyone who enjoys Second Life has a very large stench of creepiness about them but things over there just keep getting weirder.
Mia Farrow is going to be appearing on Second Life on January 9th.
Apparently she heard that she can buy children there for far less money than she can in real life. Which makes me wonder why Madonna or Angelina haven't been there first.
I spotted this bit of news on http://www.3pointd.com/ :
Mia Farrow Rescheduled in Second Life
Posted Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007, at 11:13 am Eastern by Mark Wallace
Tags: events, kids, Politics, Second Life, voice, war

As readers may recall, Mia Farrow’s appearance in the virtual world of Second Life to discuss the crisis in Darfur, originally slated for last month, had to be rescheduled due to a fire in the office building that houses Lichtenstein Creative Media, which is helping produce the event. The new date is Tuesday, 9 January, at 11am SL time (2pm Eastern). The event will also feature John Heffernan, who serves as Director of the Genocide Prevention Initiative for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience, the sponsor of the program; award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv; and Ronan Farrow, who has served as a UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth in Sudan, as a representative of the Genocide Intervention Network, and has written extensively about the situation in Darfur. One interesting aspect of the event is that while it take place in The Infinite Mind sim in Second Life, streaming audio will also be available at Camp Darfur, and at Global Kids, on the Second Life Teen Grid. (Is this the first time an event has been audio simulcast into the Teen Grid?) Visit the Lichtenstein site for more information.

Okay Mia we know that you no longer have a career since Woody Allen came to his senses but yikes!
One can only hope that her little Second Life tea party gets stormed by people who are just as aggrivated by this numbnuts as I am because this "celebrities showing up on Second Life" thing is nonsense.
Oh ... um ... I just referred to Mia as a celebrity. My bad.
I'm all for shining lights on important issues in the world but it always comes off as a little sleazy to me when there's a famous or pseudo-famous person involved.

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