Jackson: U.S. 'Less Secure' After Saddam Hanging

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

NEW YORK -- During a sermon Sunday at a New York church, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said the hanging of Saddam Hussein has left the country "less secure" rather than safer.

My open letter to the (supposedly) beloved Rev. Jesse Jackson :

Dear Jesus-loving Fruitcake,

The fact that you believe in Jesus and all his many Jesus-y trappings tells us that you should be ignored on anything that you have to say about anything but you should be especially ashamed for using the pulpit to promote such scare tactics.
Exactly who's side are you on? That of the fictional government or that of your fictional Lord?
Who paid you to scare your parishioners into believing that the US is now in even more danger since the demise of Saddam Hussein?
It is your job to promote people's nonsensical faith in a make-believe God not to promote people's nonsensical faith in a make-believe (and utterly frightening) government.
I do not believe that the US is in any more danger now than it was before simply because we whacked one nutcase and the fact that you've chosen to swallow this silly Kool-Aid makes you even more dense than your religious beliefs.
You seriously ought to be ashamed of yourself and should probably look into both retirement and heavy medication.

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