Part II : When Idiots Blog & Comment

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

I couldn't resist dipping over to Housewife's blog again and oh ... my ... God.
Where is the kid's father?
Check this :
Eve's smile gets us a free coffee
Tuesday, January 5, 2007
We dropped Adam off at school this morning and then Eve and I dashed into the local Hippie Dippie Organic Coffee house for a latte.
In line in front of us was Jere. He's quite taken by Eve and her ensemble which included 3 shirts, a headband (in a really weird spot on her head), jeans, shoes and (of course) mismatched socks. Anyhow I said, "Eve, wait here with Jere while I go run and get cash from the car." I didn't want to use a credit card for a $4 cup of coffee.
Jere insisted on buying my coffee. You know why? Cuz Eve's cute, that's why. My car was right in front of the door of the shop but to be fair it was cold out, it had dipped a little below 70.
Great lesson my daughter just learned.
Now I owe a cup of coffee to a bazillionaire.

Where the hell should I start with this?
First off she acts as if she knows this actor but based on the way she signs off that's not likely at all. So despite him being a celebrity he's still a stranger.
This very scary housewife left her child with a stranger.
Way to go!
Secondly she thinks her daughter is so adorable that that's why he bought them coffee? I'm assuming that this actually happened and wasn't simply a figment of this fruitcakes imagination.
This women clearly needs to re-attach her reality button and ... yeah I suppose I should stop writing about this crazy lady.
But I'm fascinated with angry psychotics.

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