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Sunday, January 14, 2007

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If you're a movie fan (and who isn't?!) then you must check this totally cool new way to rent DVD's.
DVDPlay is the creator and manufacturer of this wickedly awesome automated and remotely managed DVD rental machine.
All you need is a credit card and you can rent a DVD from one of these cool kiosks!
To rent a movie from the DVDPlay kiosk select the movie you wish to view, press the select button and pay with any major credit card.
I hate having to stroll through the video store (those godawful sea of racks!) and love the idea that I can simply walk up to a vendor, pick my movie, put in a credit card and instantly take home a movie to enjoy.
When you're out and about this is the quickest way to Rent DVD movies without wasting your day hunting through a video store.
If you're looking for a DVDPlay kiosk nearest you it's as simple as following the link contained within this post, putting in your address and voila.
You can not only find the locations of these amazing kiosks but you can also find out about all their very cool promotions for customers.
The cost? Only $1.49 for the first day and 99 cents for each day afterwards.
You need to visit this site today and check out where you can see these kiosks in action.
I can honestly say that I have never been more excited by a product before and I know that we're going to hear great things about DVDPlay and their cool DVD rental kiosks.
The DVDPlay Kiosk :


This post is brought you to by DVDPlay

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Jason Hart said...

Use this promocode (COOLKIDS1) and receive 1 free movie rental at participating DVDPlay movie rental kiosks!

Find the closest kiosk by visiting http://www.dvdplay.com/locations

TERMS: First day FREE. 99cents each extra day. Use once per customer. Returns are due next day at any participating store by closing or midnight for 24 hour stores. Expires 03/31/07.