A little note to my guy readers

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

It's time for me to give you the talk that my father never gave to me so listen.
Put on a condom!
If you're having sex (and all my readers are right?) then you had better make sure you've got your little buddy wrapped snug as bug in a rug.
There are too many diseases out there (some of them deadly) to risk not practicing safe sex.
I've heard all of the excuses about why guys choose to not use or buy condoms and I don't buy any of it. If you're too embarrassed to go the store and pick yourself up a box then you should consider following the link contained within this post and getting your condoms discreetly. Sex should be fun and not a liability.
The brand that I use is the Durex Natural Feeling (Non-Lubricated) Condoms but regardless of what type of condoms you prefer you can find it by visiting the site linked within this post.
There is absolutely no excuse for you to endanger yourself or your partner with unnecessary risks.
Some guys find that condoms take away from the enjoyment of sex but there are brands out there that are sensitive enough and can often enhance your stimulation.
So don't be a punk and wrap up your junk okay?

This post is brought to you by undercovercondoms.com

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