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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

There are people who need to have a pen driven into their skull to stop them from being the pathetic people that they are.
There are those who have taken a wonderful service, and chosen to use it to get themselves naked for the entertainment of other weirdos. I plan on telling you who they are, and letting you know who to stay away from on this wonderful site.
Make sure that you book this list because it's going to be forever changing :

1. December-Lynn (aka kittysnorts)
2. tootootoo3
3. sexygal28
4. shocker_bitch
5. sexyman
6. KittyKat88
7. shnookntook

The only reason these people are so popular is because they take off their clothes. They are insignificant people with their clothes on or off, and hopefully blogTV will come to their senses about them.
You'll keep yourself, and your family away from these people if you actually want to enjoy the greatness that is blogTV.
There's no way that this site is going to be taken seriously when you have low-esteem perverts running around infecting everyone.

Other general troublemakers :

1. AfterHoursNightParty (aka Tech_Talk)
2. white_lion (aka white_tiger)
3. dymer
4. BabyG
5. Havoc
6. big-will
7. flavafraz
8. danceswithcock
9. claptramp

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