Well I Tried

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I participated in Blogathon ... and failed (kinda).
I managed to last 8 am - 3:30 am (19 and a half hours) before I finally had to sleep.
I wasn't intending on falling asleep but my body decided otherwise and I guess that's sometimes how these things happen.
I want to thank Xara for her guest post, my sponsors and all the great folks I met during the AOL chat.
I'm leaving up all of my posts from the event for your entertainment and I've decided that I may actually try again next year.

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Angel said...

You did good. It was fun reading your rambles. Next year you will kick ass. Just call this one a pratice run. :)

Tom said...

So does this mean that your anonymous sponsor doesn't have to donate? I think they pledged for the whole event, rather than per "each post".

wewerethecoolkids said...

Whether they wish to still donate is up to them. So Anonymous Sponsor can decide whether they feel they got their money's worth during my blogging adventure.
I do hope they decide to give anyways because it's a very good cause and they shouldn't suffer because I missed the last 4 and a half hours do to physical and mental collapse.
Now THAT'S a dramatic answer!