A Skype Conversation Snippet - Chapter 1

Saturday, July 22, 2006

This very well could be the first part in an entire novel of the kinds of messed up conversations I have with a certain someone who runs a certain other blog. I noticed that our late night chats tend to be ... well ... messed up. Enjoy ! (note: names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent)
[1:44:25 AM] Me says: after they checkout check under the bed for a dead crackwhore / hooker

[1:44:52 AM] Them says: I should...

[1:45:54 AM] Me says: not because they're from Canada of course but because Smith is one of those weird hotel check in names that just feels funny

[1:46:11 AM] Me says: besides we don't put our crackwhores / hookers under beds

[1:46:26 AM] Them says: Oh... I thought it was because they were Canadian

[1:47:31 AM] Me says: no we disembowel our hookers and wear them like coats for warmth like Han Solo and Chewie did in Empire

[1:47:57 AM] Them says: Ahh...I see.

[1:48:33 AM] Me says: not saying they disemboweld a hooker in Empire Strikes Back but I'm not sure what the name of the creature was but wouldn't that audience have been shocked if it had been a hooker

[1:49:19 AM] Them says: Was the creature's name "Amadahla"?

[1:49:44 AM] Me says: erm I um ... *looks around* um

[1:50:29 AM] Me says: yes they disembowled the senator and former queen

[1:50:35 AM] Me says: *looks at you funny*

[1:51:32 AM] Them says: How the hell did she become queen? Did she sleep her way to the top? If so, wouldn't she be a whore?

[1:51:39 AM] Me says: i think i'm totally mangling the word disemboweld disembowled disowmbled hmmm

[1:52:04 AM] Me says: if you're saying Natalie Portman is a whore then you need to stop peering into my dreams at night

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