Blogathon Post #41 "Guest blogger speakth!"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hi, I'm Xara from and I'm taking over from Arthur whose a bit knackered from the 'thon.
This is my 3rd time thonning in 4 years. Its all very exciting to be guest blogging for someone, its also surprising that I'm awake and it's almost 10AM. I finished at 2PM so we're coming up for the 4 hour mark, that point of no turning back where it's just eight more posts and then we're free to sleep the night away.

Since I've also got to write a post for my own blog, here's my thing: Name everything in front of me
1. iBook
2. External harddrive
3. Fluff that I used to stuff my arseberry
4. Sewing machine covered in pirate tape
5. Black felt
6. Camera phone
7. List of things I was going to make this blogathon, but didn't.
8. Crochet hook
9. Kid's scissors
10. Sewing supplies
11. Cup
12. Bonsai tree that needs watering
13. Lamp
14. Half a melon
15. Minidisk
16. Pot of paint
17. Ramekin dish
18. Painting of an obese sheep
19. Wallpaper that looks like its sodomising itself
20. Gecko stuffed with sand