"Touche" Needs To Stop Talking

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Some angry person left this comment on my "Halloween" Workprint post :

Touche' said...

...and you haven't even seen yet, have you?! You're a fucking moron. I can't stand obnoxious little nerds like you who get on their computers and dictate their retarded opinions to people.

By the way, if you're so "In the know" and shit, then why haven't you read the interview where John Carpenter said, "I really enjoyed Rob's visualization of Halloween. He really took it to the next level."

Anyway, close your fucking mouth until you know what the fuck you're talking about...


8/31/2007 7:26 AM

I responded with this :

wewerethecoolkids said...

When did I say I was ever "in the know", or since when am I not allowed to have an opinion?
John Carpenter got a big check for allowing them to do this, and so what else is he going to say? "I hate this film"?
Why would he want to look hypocritical?
The original film was a classic because it didn't resort to the sleazy tactics that this new one has.
This new version will never be considered a classic.
Do the world a favor, and head on back to your tacky MySpace page.
I understand they added more gore, a new ending and removed the rape scene for the theatrical release. Are they stupid enough to believe that that's going to make a difference?

8/31/2007 1:28 PM

You should dig this idiots MySpace page. It's certainly the site of someone who shouldn't be calling anyone a moron.
Are drive-by shootings, fried chicken and acquiring as much bling as possible not fulfilling to him anymore?
That may sound racist, but it's utterly true when you're as big a cliche as him.
He's soooo gangster.
I'll try not to lose sleep over the stupid people in the world.

I've seen both versions of the remake, and they are equally tacky.
Where would this moron get the impression that I am commenting on a movie that I haven't seen?

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Touche' said...

I deleted my previous post, because now I understand what this guy meant. I misread what he said... He stated:

"...but I'm still going to say that any version of this film is going to completely blow."

Okay, that was 100% my bad. I realize that you meant that any remake of this movie would be crap... I took it as if you hadn't seen it, and was saying it was crap.

I respectfully apologize for my mistake. HOWEVER, you're still a jackass. First of all, my MySpace page isn't even flashy, and there is NOTHING 'gangsta' on it except maybe some of the songs in the player. Second, you say that I'm a cliche'?! Okay, so then what should I do? Tuck in my shirt, put on some cargos and a hemp necklace? I don't even sag my pants, but I'm a cliche'? Do you even know what the hell that means?! You'd think that at your age you'd be a bit more observant.

Also, the comment WAS racist, and there just wasn't any need for that. I was in the wrong in the first place, so had you called me a bitch, asshole, jackass, moron, idiot, etc...I would understand. Unfortunately you're a white man who's first counter was racism...TALK ABOUT A CLICHE'.


wewerethecoolkids said...

That's right.
Pull out the racism card.
You folks are great at that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you yell "fried chicken" at him for no reason other than race and you don't think that's racist? And, if you're gonna make racist insults, "fried chicken" is about as weak as you can get, maybe try something from this century.

wewerethecoolkids said...

Okay how about: Go find an illegal dogfight?


Anonymous said...

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