Go Lindsay Go

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

HOLLYWOOD - Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been dubbed "a model patient" by insiders at the Utah rehab clinic she checked into last month, despite claims to the contrary.

In a TV exclusive that aired on Friday's Entertainment Tonight, a silhouetted former Cirque Lodge patient suggested the actress is getting celebrity treatment from carers and is difficult with staff.

But TMZ.com claims the opposite is true, according to their sources.

Insiders at the Oren, Utah, clinic, considered one of the best rehabs in America, claim Lohan is taking her third counseling camp stint of 2007 very seriously, attending every meeting, working with psychologists and even agreeing to take on menial tasks she's handed.

These include washing dishes and cleaning toilets.

TMZ.com sources claim the woman who took her claims about Lohan to the media dropped out of a sister clinic "against medical advice" days after the actress checked herself in and would only have had access to her through meetings.

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