"Halloween" Workprint

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

It's pretty safe to say that you shouldn't get your padded panty in a bunch over Rob Zombie's bastardization of John Carpenter's classic film.
The workprint does differ from the theatrical release, but I'm still going to say that any version of this film is going to completely blow.
I couldn't believe my freakin' eyes.
I'm a sad horror fan.
Hear that?
It's the sound of John Carpenter blowing his brains out.
Rob Zombie may be a great musician, but has never made a good film ... ever.

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Touche' said...

...and you haven't even seen yet, have you?! You're a fucking moron. I can't stand obnoxious little nerds like you who get on their computers and dictate their retarded opinions to people.

By the way, if you're so "In the know" and shit, then why haven't you read the interview where John Carpenter said, "I really enjoyed Rob's visualization of Halloween. He really took it to the next level."

Anyway, close your fucking mouth until you know what the fuck you're talking about...


wewerethecoolkids said...

When did I say I was ever "in the know", or since when am I not allowed to have an opinion?
John Carpenter got a big check for allowing them to do this, and so what else is he going to say? "I hate this film"?
Why would he want to look hypocritical?
The original film was a classic because it didn't resort to the sleazy tactics that this new one has.
This new version will never be considered a classic.
Do the world a favor, and head on back to your tacky MySpace page.
I understand they added more gore, a new ending and removed the rape scene for the theatrical release. Are they stupid enough to believe that that's going to make a difference?