Drug Store Drama Mama

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Going to the drug store is turning into a task that I can't even cope with anymore.
I had the following conversation with my mom's druggist yesterday :

Me : I'm here to pay my Mom's bill.
Her : But you wrote us a check.
Me : I want to pay cash please.

Pharamcist begins to change shape, and the scent of sulpher fills the air.

Her : Cash!? ... Cash?! ... We don't allow cash in my kingdom!

I've never casted Level 4 Fireball, and ran so quickly in my life.
I don't have time for this woman's emotional luggage, and I decided to let her have her own way.
Oh, and one of our crackhouses got shot up the other day. I'm guessing the gunman had to deal with that same woman.

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