Ooh La Las Vegas

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dear Constant Readers,

I've been playing more poker than I should lately and it's gotten me to thinking about taking a weekend trip to Las Vegas.
I could completely seeing myself zooming through the warm desert air, past those Las Vegas luxury condos and into the city where you can ruin your life.
I'm not a person who's easily dazzled but I could see myself blowing my life savings on a single hand of blackjack. And that's not a feeling that I dislike.
I'm not becomging destructive I'm merely thinking about disappearing for a weekend into the city that keeps it's secrets.
There is word that buried around the city are the folks that aggrivated the old-timey mobsters and for a paranormal investigator this could be more than an a fascinating experience.
I wouldn't be taking the current love of my life because a 31 year old man should be able to experience everything that the city has to offer before getting dragged by the hair down the aisle.

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