My Job Then Was Better Than Your Job Now

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

I actually heard this come out of someones mouth.
Apparently if you work in Telecom Consulting that means that you contribute more than the dude that's flipping burgers.
This would be true if we could eat delicious, deep fried telephones.
I'm so tired of the snobbery that goes on between people who work at 7-11 and people who work at a bank.
I'd much rather associate with the register jockey than the pinstripe dork who gets snooty when I ask for a money order. Doesn't he realize that some of us actually use something other than the Gold Card that our daddy gave us to make purchases?
Say hello to the person behind the desk the next time you're at McDonald's (and smile) because not only does their job make them a nicer person it makes them more fun to be around in the long run.

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