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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

If you find yourself as irritated by the alarm clock as I do then it's time for you to check out this awesome wake-up call service from Snoozester.com.
You can schedule either a one time wake-up call or recurring calls and never have to worry about sleeping in again.
Signing up takes mere minutes and after you received your verification phone call (to verify your number) you can begin setting up wake-up calls immediately. There's no fuss and/or muss when using this wonderful service.
The customer service folks are really quick to respond to any of your needs and won't treat you like just another customer. They're a friendly and efficient when handling all of your needs.
What about the cost you ask?
You get ten free calling credits (1 credit=1 call) when you first sign up and you can purchase more for a very low price. You can either get 30 calling credits for $4.99 or 60 call credits for just $9.98. That's a very good deal in my book! Keep in mind that you can also earn credits via their awesome referral service as well!
But it gets even better:
If you're the owner of a company who's tired of having employee's sleeping in when they should be punching in then they also have a corporate wake-up service as well. You can make sure that your employees get to work on time with Snoozester's corporate wake-up call service. Neat huh?!
So what are you waiting for people?
There is absolutely no reason why you should ever have to be late for work, a lunch date or an appointment ever again. Signing up with Snoozester is not only easy but it's fast and a great deal!
You can also get gift certificates for the nappers in your life so that your loved one never sleeps in again.
I could go on all day about this service but you need to try it for yourself!
Head on over to Snoozester.com today and throw away that annoying little alarm clock in your life.

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