I wanna see the whole video!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

Nothing gets me going more than an execution video and the video of Saddam getting strung up by his neck hairs would be the mother of them all would it not?
I've seen the video of them wrapping the cloth around his neck and slapping on the noose but then ... it stops!
It wouldn't be as touching as "Free Willy" or other fine family films but darnit!
CNN will spend all afternoon covering the death of James "high on God" Brown but won't show us this other lunatic swinging in the wind? Heathens!
If you haven't seen anything from the hanging then here's a little video from Arab TV :

Partial video of Saddam Hussein execution in Baghdad on 30/12/2006, on Arab Tv Channel.

A fun aftermath photo :

A supposed video of his body afterwards :

The people of Iraq celebrate :


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