Most People Should Know ...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

If you don't already know that borrowing money from family and friends is a bad thing then there is clearly something wrong with your family and friends. If you have never gotten into a fight with a family member or a friend because of borrowing money then you need to consider yourself lucky.
The first choice for many people is to run, run, run towards those we love when we get into a pinch.
Has it ever occurred to you that payday cash advance loans would be a lot easier than causing those around you to want to strnagle you?
I remember a time when I lent a good friend of mine (not a friend anymore boys and girls) $200. I never saw it again. It was the reason that a friendship of nearly fourteen years ended. You might be saying: "My friends aren't like that!". Good for you and I hope you enjoy living in a land of licorice elephants and dewdrop fairies that live in lollipop trees. It will happen to you whether you be the lender or the borrower in the situation.
Christmas can be a difficult time of year (not just for you but for everyone around you) and perhaps it's time to look into payday cash advance loans as an option instead.
I lost a good friend because we both made a bad decision. Don't do that to yourself.

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