"Pet Sounds" Ohmygosh

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

Today I recieved my latest shipment of CD's from Columbia House and one of them was the classic Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds".
I'm halfway through this album now and this is unlike any album I've ever heard before. I had known that this was considered a "classic" album but had never owned a copy till now. And now I'm glad I do.
The songs (in beautifully mixed stereo) flow so naturally into each other and Brian Wilson's production is !#$%^& jaw dropping.
I've always loved classic rock (it's all I can really stand to listen to) but this bloody album goes beyond classic. The best album ever made perhaps? I don't know but I am absolutely mesmorized.
My favorite tracks (so far) are : "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "I'm Waiting For The Day", "Sloop John B", and "God Only Knows". The first and last choices may be super obvious but I had never really heard them the way they were meant to be heard before.
I'm amazed.

My other album purchases include :
- "And Serenity" by Glenn Gould
- "Clapton Chronicles: The Best Of Eric Clapton" by Eric Clapton
- "Moondance" by Van Morrison
- "Peachtree Road" by Elton John

Now I'm going to get back to being blown away but what a goddamn genius Brian Wilson is.

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