Second Life Gets Creepy & I Get A Good Laugh

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

Today I was invited to an in-game funeral on Second Life for a real player. I couldn't stop laughing upon receiving it. Am I a prick? Yup and here's the log to prove it:
[11:43] Brenda Knopfli: In Loving Memory of Brenda Knopfli. Brenda passed peacefully after losing her battle with cancer on November 21st. A memorial event is being held at Guys & Dolls on Sunday, November 26, from 6 PM to 8 PM SL time. All of her friends are welcome to attend

[11:43] Second Life: Brenda Knopfli has left this session.

[11:44] Issac Skomoroklov: R.I.P

[11:45] sammy Bender: R.I.P Brenda

[11:45] Tommy Hunt: R.I.P Brenda we will all miss you

[11:46] sammy Bender: and all the best to her family and friend's in both rl and sl u will b sadley missed :))

[11:46] Joseph Palliard: Sorry I don't attend creepy online funerals for avatars and or the people who played them. Unlike the people who do I have a life. Get some fresh air people.

[11:48] Tommy Hunt: you watch what your saying and get some respect she was a real person like anybody else just sat behind a monitor so watch your words

[11:48] Joseph Palliard: Don't threaten me I can say what I like about whom I like now I'll be over here enjoying reality while you folks bury an avatar

[11:49] Tommy Hunt: oy you fucking prick dont start

[11:49] Tommy Hunt: get clever and you will be sorry noob il tell you now

[11:50] Tommy Hunt: you might think your safe behind a monitor but i will show ya

[11:50] Joseph Palliard: Looks like I already started ... you enjoy your make believe funeral just make sure the morgue does a good job on the avatar corpse .... the pasty look isn't attractive

[11:50] Tommy Hunt: you fucking prick grow up and sort your head out you wanker

[11:51] Joseph Palliard: angry much?

[11:51] Tommy Hunt: people like you need to grow up

[11:51] Tommy Hunt: il tell ya wehat got for the under 16 part of SL it will suit you better

[11:52] Joseph Palliard: you're going on mute now .... oh wait are the pews at the fake funeral gonna be like camping chairs will we get paid to sit? that would be fun ... is there going to be hot dogs and orange drink?
I would put a stop to this nonsense if I were the real family and friends of this player. I wonder who logged on under her name anyways? Is the player really dead or is this some sick roleplay thing? Anyway that you slice this it's c-r-e-e-p-y.
I wonder how hard it would be to buzz the memorial in my jet?

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