Lord Send Me A Camera

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

One of the the biggest disappointments in my life is that I never learned how to ride a unicycle. The problem is that even if I had learned to ride a unicycle I would have never been able to take a picture of it to share with the world. Why? I've never owned a digital camera.
Every year thousands of people around the world go without the correct digital photography equipment which leaves them with a lack of proper unicycle riding photographs. This tragedy has been felt across the planet.
We cannot leave it up to Angelina Jolie or Bono to save the cameraless and must do something beginning in our own neighborhoods.
I supppose it would be easier to have Brad and Angie adopt me so that I could use any possible camera they have but they keep rejecting me despite my many letters.
Don't let me go without a camera on your birthday this year baby Jesus and you just might save me from merely having to describe my life in words and instead give me the chance to do it in beautiful digital photography.
Don't leave me as a second class citizen anymore and bless my doorstep this year with a camera type object of some variety.
I may never learn to ride a unicycle but I will learn to walk with dignity among those who have cameras in their lives.
This post was brought to you by HP.

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