Oh what have I missed ...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

I've decided to put my unhealthy need to play Second Life to rest and get back to the peaceful and non-creepy world of blogging.
I miss my readers delightful emails and sharing my very important thoughts with the world.
To those that I know that are still trapped I have one message: For the love of God get out!
Second Life is nothing more than a great way to piss away both your real money and your real life. This over-glorified chatroom will cause you to forget what's going on around you very quickly.
In the meantime let's give a big "fuck off Arizona State Board of Nursing" and their complaints about the place I wanna have my first heart attack.
WASHINGTON (AFP) - A restaurant in the southwestern US state of Arizona that proudly admits to trying to finish off its customers has introduced a new item on its menu -- the "quadruple bypass burger".
The burger at the "Heart Attack Grill" restaurant is stacked with four beef patties, cheese, onions, tomatoes and fried bacon, and weighs in at only 8,000 calories, more than three times what the human body needs in one day.
Patrons who have no appetite for the "quadruple bypass burger" can opt for the "triple" or "double-bypass".
"It's not good for one's health but it's only a joke," John Basso, who opened the restaurant 10 months ago, told AFP.
Customers who have room for more can also order French fries "fried in pure lard" and can purchase cigarettes off the menu. As a courtesy, the restaurant offers its "best customers" a wheelchair service to their cars by waitresses dressed in slinky nurses' outfits.
The idea, however, has not gone down well with the Arizona State Board of Nursing which has expressed concern that some patrons may confuse the waitresses with real nurses.
To avoid any confusion, Basso has posted a long message on his restaurant website saying that his employees in no way are medical professionals.
He said his ultimate goal is to open a restaurant in France.
"I am dreaming of opening a restaurant in Paris," he said.
Isn't that the most?
You can visit the site of the world's best restaurant right here: Heart Attack Grill. Tell them that a hairy manly-man with a twelve inch penis who smokes sent you.

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