CIBC: Criminal Banking Masterminds

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

The Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce is a giant nest of criminals that are sucking Canadian's dry.
If you have a loved one who has an account with these decadent monsters then you need to tell them to get their money out.
If they aren't drowning a person in service charges they are outright locking your money in and holding it hostage. Basically they enjoy making their customers their bitch while living hogwild on the interest that your money is gathering.
Now you're probably saying: "don't most banks do this?". Not even close to the extent that CIBC does. Are they mafia owned? Is CIBC a front for a drug operation?
If you have a CIBC account (of ANY kind) take your money and find a bank that won't press you against the counter and make you their pays-for-lunch lover.
You don't believe how shady they truly can be? Check out this juicy news story from 2005: How CIBC Cashed In on Mutual Fund Fraud. Or maybe this?: CIBC agrees to $80 million US penalty over Enron accounting fraud
Who do you think is paying for these criminal slip-ups?

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