Not Entirely My Friend ...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

Welcome to my gayest post ever ... erm.
Some idiot over here is throwing around the term "gay" like Richard Simmons throws punches at rude folks in airports.

He is making reference to this video by Elton John from a 1984 song on his "Breaking Hearts" album entitled "Passengers":

He calls this simply the "Gayest.Video.Ever".
Boy is he barking up the wrong rainbow tree.
If we're going to throw around terms like "gayest ever" then I think I can present a far better nominee for that.
I present to you ...

Elton John - "A Word In Spanish" (1988) ( from the 1988 album "Reg Strikes Back")

Now that's gay.
Great song, flamingly beautiful video.

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