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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

This bitch was irritating a long time ago, and it's only got worse over time.
Check out this little jab at people like me from her barely interesting website:

Note: This site has been debunked and is now recorded as a fake.
Thanks to Q30, question30 for notifying this to me via E-mail!
Well lady’s and gentleman this website: http://tagruato.blogspot.com/ is claiming to be the main resistance against Tagruato and a supporter of the “hacking” of www.tagruato.jp

Reasons why this should / could be fake? ITS A BLOGSPOT SITE! Otherwise, it seems somewhat unpersonal. It does have that personal “hate this” look.

Feel free to discuss the amusing “comments” and the likes.

This cunt isn't the only one who's blogspot snobbery knows no bounds. Check out this from some roleplaying/circle jerk site:

Regarding this: Exclusive: Interview With "Cloverfield" Director Matt Reeves


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I think that interview was meant as a joke or parody, because it doesn't make much sense. A director would never say that in an interview, and a busy director would never take time off to be interviewed by a blogspot blog. Maybe a mainstream media network, but not a blog.

Are these people serious?
The fact that they had to have a fucking discussion as to whether my interviews were real shows you how idiotic they are, and that their opinions are so completely irrelevant.
You think a blogspot blogger can't start some shit?
I won't even comment on that the fact that I was the only website not sent a cease and desist order regarding the removal of "Cloverfield" set photos despite the folks at Paramount Pictures visiting here. Ooops ... I just did.

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