VoiceQuilt "music boxes that play memories"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear Constant Reader,

Recently I found this absolutely amazing new product called VoiceQuilt, and I'm completely blown away by it!

Description From Site:
VoiceQuilt allows you to create “music boxes that play memories”. Invite your group to phone in messages. After they call in, review messages and create a "playlist" online. Then, choose delivery: Have VoiceQuilt ship a Keepsake or share an electronic VoiceQuilt (download or email).
This is absolutely something that I'll be adding to my Christmas list this year and I highly suggest that you do the same.
Anybody would love to have this arrive at their doorstep, filled with memories from their loved ones.
I'm going to be getting one of these for my mother for Christmas and have it filled up with family messages of love and Christmas wishes for the lady who put up with us all these years. She deserves it!
Even more amazing is it only takes minutes to set up and you have a gift that a loved one will remember forever.
I can't even think of enough wonderful things to say about this!

Visit VoiceQuilt today and begin to share memories with your loved ones!

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Anonymous said...

Neat idea! Thanks for posting.