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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

I've been pondering the concept of another laptop rental situation which (at this point) would be the only way that I could actually afford another laptop.
The problem is that I'm going to end up paying 20 times more for the fucking thing than if I were to save up and get it next year sometimes.
Being a lower-middle-upper-white middle-upper class person sucks the you know what.
What does me being white have to do with anything?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... not to get on a tangent... but you know how they have been saying in the news that an alternative to giving children cough medicine for pesty nighttime coughs is giving them the ole spoonful o' honey? Being the overprotective society that we are do we make them swizzle some flouride rinse first?? I mean gee.. just imagine the destruction the honey will cause on those sensitive little teefers!! This could be the next most important health news tidbit to hit the net!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. and back to the original post... I didn't even know you could rent laptops? That's truly bizarre! Why wouldn't you just get a line of credit with Dell (or use whatever card you might have with the best interst rate) and pay it off so that you are putting some equity into something rather than renting it and being left with nothing in the end? I must say that Dell has some excellent deals on laptops now.. I just got one a month ago, fully loaded for a great price. Dell also has unbeatable customer service... don't rent d00d!

Anonymous said...

What be a "twitter" anyway??