7 Things That Are Irritating Me This Week

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Everything irritates me, and this is a list of just a few of those things.

2007 Things That Irritate Me :

1. "The Golden Compass" protestors.

Christian idiots claim this film (and the books) are indoctrinating kids in dangerous Atheist beliefs. As opposed to indocrinating them in the belief that there's a magical sky creature who watches them jerk themselves off, and judges them because of it?
Christians need to stop trying to impose their fairy tails on us, and us Atheists will stop imposing the truth on them.

2. The Interlake Regional Health Authority.

Do you people hire your staff from the lowest common denominator, and hope that your clients won't notice that they're surrounded by idiots?
It must really stick in your craw to have someone who will keep calling you on your ridiculous bullshit until your ridiculous bullshit stops.

3. The Internet Stars Are Viral

Yay us!
It says a whole pile about our society that we not only celebrate stupidity but we then celebrate a video that jams all the stupidity into one bite-size chunk.
How long till we start putting intellectuals to death, and burning books?
I wonder how far up his ass the techno viking can jam a cowbell?

4. People blaming Jessica Simpson for jinxing some sports guy who chases other guys around for a ball while rednecks cheer him on.

Nobody cares about your moronic interest in sports, and nobody cares who Jessica Simpson currently has jammed up her cooch.

5. The Writers Guild Of America

The majority of us are underpaid for doing real work, and these latte sucking motherfuckers are worried they won't be able to keep up the payments on their luxury cars.

6. WalMart

What demonic monster unleashed this consumerist beast upon the world?

7. "The Simpson's Movie" commentary tracks.

I didn't buy this DVD to see the movie paused every ten minutes so that the filmmakers could congratulate themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious.. I know you hate Walmart, but do you ever shop there? Or do you happen to work there and maybe you wouldn't hate it so much if you didn't have to go there five days a week?

I don't love Walmart, but I do find it to be a convenient place to stop and pick up a few inexpensive items now and then. What I don't like most is the inconsistencies among different Walmart locations. Some are very nice and organized, with pleasant employees.. whereas others are a big mess with a bunch of jackass employees w/no clue about customer service.