The Art Of The Opening Title

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

Sometimes an opening title sequence can be even more amazing than the movie.
I saw a list of this particular persons favorite opening title sequences, and decided to show you some of my favorites. Ready?

- Titles by: Saul & Elaine Bass

"Casino Royale"
- Titles by: Daniel Kleinman

"Die Another Day"
- Titles by: Daniel Kleinman

"Austin Powers: Goldmember"

"Tomorrow Never Dies"
- Titles by: Daniel Kleinman

"Grease 2"
- Directed and Choreographed by: Patricia Birch

"Cannonball Run"

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Treylon said...

GREASE 2 has a great opening title sequence. It incorporates the perfect flow of music, character/cast introduction and choreography. A wonderful kickoff for a romantic movie musical!