Update Part Deux: Playing Tag - I'm "IT"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey hey Jilbean accepted the tag challenge.
Check it out!
Hey hey Brandon Perez accepted the tag challenge.
Check it out!
No not the child-eating clown from the brilliant Stephen King novel but I'm "it" in a sick and twisted game from childhood. The only difference is I'm playing (mostly) with strangers.
After finding out I was "tagged" by Tom I decided to play.
I've never participated in this kind of thing but this actually could be fun.

Anyway, this is a Five Random Words game, where I have to list the words (given to me by the person who tagged me) and the first thing that I thought of. Oh boy ...

Word #1 - “suck”: Connie and Lisa (Connie is way better at this)

Word #2 - “connect”: When I manage to communicate with a spirit in a deeper than surface way.

Word #3 - “spin”: A trick that Lisa taught me involving a candle and a box of tic-tacs.

Word #4 - “pop”: Virgins (are you seeing a theme here?)

Word #5 - “tail”: A sweet piece of ass.

Following Tom's lead, I’ve done the same thing and sent this to five others. Five Words for Five People. If these people want to play along, I’ll point the links to their posts, once they do.

Those I've Chosen To Tag:
o Angel
o Ming
o Jilbean
o Amanda Unboomed
o Brandon Perez

… and your words are: radio, enchanted, possible, junk, network

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