If your kids use MySpace

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

If your kids (or the kids of someone you know) have a MySpace and you're worried about who they might be talking to or what information they're sharing then this is the product for you.
Every time there is a myspace login on whatever computer it happens to be installed on Spector Pro will let you know what your child is doing on their MySpace. It tells you who they're talking to, what they're writing and let you keep tabs on exactly what information they are sharing with strangers.
But that's not all!
With Specter Pro you can have screenshots of what they're doing, monitor keystrokes, see what your kids are searching for AND see who they're talking to while using instant messaging programs.
We have all heard the horror stories on the news and you can do something to stop your child from becoming a statistic because of these sick online predators.
Spector Pro is a must own in your home if you are wondering what your child is doing online. And why wouldn't you be concerned?
Visit their site by use the links contained within this post and order Spector Pro today.
The next time there's a myspace login you'll know what's happening.

This post is brought to you by Spector Pro.

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